Pisobid Scam

don't let this website fool you

Pisobid Scams A Winner

According to a comment from an article by Jozzua, one guy who won didn’t receive his prize, and worst thing got banned from the site. Shame on you Pisobid, you are a true scammer:

pisobid scam

Pisobid Scam


Pisobid Scam Proof

Hello everybody, my name is Pisobid Scam and I am here to reveal all the fraud that Pisobid.com is doing to the Filipino people.

While browsing earlier, I found this girl in Facebook that posted screen shots of proofs that Pisobid is cheating their players.

The guys highlighted should have won already but did not. Hmnnnn…

The timer here is set to 10 seconds only, notice the highlighted users, 12 seconds already yet they didn’t win. One huge proof of Pisobid Scam.

Timer set at 15 seconds but went up to 17 seconds, they did not win. SCAM PROOF for PISOBID.

There’s a lot of them that was scammed by Pisobid. Shame on them.

And they keep on doing this regularly? Someone should have won something instead of another user. I wonder why!!

It’s up for you guys to judge. Do we have to trust a site like Pisobid? Should we wait until they take more and more money from people?

I am building a crusade against this website to let concerned agencies know what is happening. We are continuously growing, if we reach a good amount of complainants, we can move for an online petition for the removal of this website and create a rip off report that will be signed by all of us.

Feel free to email me at pisobidscam@hotmail.com